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Store Visits

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Store Visits


It's Google's new way of tracking how your Google Ads campaigns are influencing your offline conversions. In other words, if you have a store, a hotel or a physical space where you receive customers, now you'll be able to see if your online ads have had anything to do with user conversion.

For example, you have a women's clothing e-commerce and you recently launched a 50% OFF promotion on all items. On your website, you sold almost nothing, but in physical stores, the stock flew out. Before, we would have said that the Google Ads campaigns had no influence on the sale of your products, but now we can cross-check the data and even analyze which keywords and devices led customers to your store - great, isn't it?

It's worth noting that store visit conversions are only available for certain industries. Advertisers related to health, religion, adult content and children are not included in this new conversion option.


Google's cross-checking of information is done through statistical calculations using current and past data, with 95% confidence. Due to user privacy, visits are not attributed exactly to which ads led customers to the offline location, but it is possible to get very close to understand all the logistics of your account.


In order to enable this function in our account, we need to fulfill some of Google's requirements:

  • Have a Google My Business account connected to Google Ads, with several active locations, 90% of which need to be in this GMN account.
  • Thousands of clicks on your ads and visible impressions of your banners on the display network.
  • Have the data from your offline sales in your system, so that we can cross-check the data with the clicks or impressions on your online campaigns.


If you are a customer Paretotalk to your manager and he will take all the steps to enable this option on your account. =)

If you don't already have a company responsible for your Digital Marketing, contact Google and see if you meet all the requirements.

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