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Best AI Image Generators in 2024

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Best AI Image Generators : image generated by Tess AI

Any designer, no matter how talented, with brilliant ideas for creating art, can be frustrated by the lack of time and resources to put their ideas into practice.

The struggle to find suitable references, adjust minute details and achieve visual perfection is often exhausting.

But with the right Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to create images, you can leave these worries in the past and gain more hours in your day.

In this article, you’ llfind the best AI tools that will make your routine easier and give you the quality images you’re looking for.

1. Tess AI

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Tess AI Platform

A Tess AI is the 1st Artificial Intelligence that connects you to the biggest AIs in the world. There are 200+ AIs to quickly perform everyday functions, including creating images, texts and videos.

With the AI imager from Pareto, you can bring your ideas to life in a variety of styles. From realism, 3D rendering, pixel, watercolor, anime or even logo creation and much more.

With the combined power of MidJourney, OpenJourney, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and Tess AI’s exclusive templates, you can turn words into works of art and optimize your time on unique and efficient projects.

Within the platform, under advanced settings, you will have total control by choosing the features that best align with your expectations, being able to set the image resolution, size, art style, lighting, mood, desired number of images, among others.

In this sense, G2 compares image-generating software with AI to identify the best products, based on evaluations from the user community and online data. Thus, it has been established that the second easiest software to use in AI image generators is that of Pareto.

With a rating of 4.8 stars out of 114 reviews, Pareto stands out in terms of competition, leadership, performance, market presence and user satisfaction levels. Below is an illustration of the G2.

AI that Creates Images: G2 ranking

You can choose between the free plan, which allows you to generate up to 150 free images, or opt for other paid plans, starting at $3.00 per month, according to your specific needs.

With these aspects in mind, here are some examples of images generated by Tess AI, covering various styles.

AI that creates images - Example of 9 images created with Tess AI

Discover the unlimited potential of the world’s largest AIs on a single platform and take your experience to unprecedented heights! Enjoy up to 150 free images to try out, as well as other features.

(Source: Tess AI; G2. Best AI Image Generators Software. January, 2024)

2. DALL-E 2

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Dall-e 2 Platform

A DALL-E 2 is an AI tool created by Open AI, the same creators of ChatGPT.

With DALL-E 2, you can describe a scene or an idea in words and then let artificial intelligence turn it into a realistic image. You can combine concepts, attributes and styles.

It uses advanced machine learning techniques and training on large data sets to create a wide variety of images, from simple objects to complex and surreal compositions.

One of the tool’s features is its ability to generate completely new and original images, without the need for pre-existing references.

It also stands out for its ability to edit image descriptions based on text, making it possible to change the lighting, add new elements and other creative modifications.

DALL-E 2 is currently in open beta, and the final price has not yet been announced. Beta testers can use for free until they reach a limit, and, after that, they have the option to purchase additional credits to continue using the service. Free credits expire one month after they are granted and paid credits expire 12 months from the date of purchase.

DALL-E offers 50 free credits on first access. After that, you need to buy more credits to continue requesting images. Each unit, costing US$ 15, is equivalent to 115 credits.

(Source: OpenAI, DALL-E; G2, Top 10 AI Image Generator Software for 2024)

3. Midjourney

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Midjourney website.

O Midjourney is another AI-powered tool that turns text descriptions into images.

With it, you’ll hardly run out of options, because for each art request, Midjourney presents 4 different alternatives, allowing you to choose the image you like best.

Midjourney offers two ways of using it: as a bot on Discord and via the Midjourney Alpha website.

The tool recently unveiled the Alpha site, where users who have generated 10,000 or more images gain the ability to explore new features.

From this, three notable improvements are introduced: simplified controls for instant creation, the possibility of exploring a variety of public prompts in the “Explore” tab and the convenience of centralizing all previous prompts on the site.

Midjourney has a subscription model with different price levels based on the amount of use, ranging from the basic plan of US$ 10 /month to the mega plan of US$ 120 /month.

(Source: Midjourney Alpha. December, 2023; Midjourney. Subscription Plans)

4. Stable Diffusion

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Stable Diffusion website

O Stable Diffusion is a tool that allows you to transform images with a touch of magic. Based on advanced stable diffusion algorithms, it is capable of generating visually pleasing compositions.

Using Stable Diffusion, you can apply a variety of effects and filters to your images, creating unique and personalized results. From subtle color and texture adjustments to radical transformations.

With a vast array of 12 million prompts available for inspiration, the options are practically endless.

One of the great advantages of Stable Diffusion is its intuitive interface, which makes the editing process accessible to users of all skill levels. Even if you don’t have advanced knowledge of design or image editing, you can achieve professional results.

In addition, Stable Diffusion offers sharing features, allowing you to show off your creations to the world.

There are a few ways to use Stable Diffusion. One is online, where the web version is simple and free, and you can generate 10 images a day and 2 images at a time.

However, for users looking for advanced features, there is the option of the PRO version, available for $10/month. This version offers an ad-free, watermark-free experience and allows you to generate up to 2000 images.

(Source: Stable Diffusion Online; Stable Diffusion. AI PRO Image Generator)

5. Nightcafe AI

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Nightcafe website

With Nightcafe you can choose from a variety of styles, such as famous paintings, renowned artists or abstract styles. Simply upload your photo and select the desired style to see your image come to life.

One of the main advantages of Nightcafe AI is its precision in reproducing the chosen styles. The distinct characteristics of each style are preserved, as they are used to create authentic images.

If you have an image you’d like to enhance, simply upload it to NightCafe and let the neural style transfer incorporate a touch of AI art.

To enjoy all the site’s features, you need to purchase a subscription to the service. Packages start from US$ 4.79 /month.

But if you want more credits, extra features and access to more advanced AI models, there are other options available, ranging up to US$ 39.99 / month.

(Source: Nightcafe. Upgrade to Nightcafe PRO)

6. Adobe Firefly

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Adobe website

With Adobe Firefly, you can generate images from a simple text description, while at the same time you can use generative filling, through the brush that has the function of removing objects or adding new ones.

In addition to the Firefly web application, Adobe offers an extensive family of creative generative AI models, which extends to Adobe’s main applications and Adobe Stock. These features, developed by Firefly, enrich the creative experience throughout the Adobe ecosystem.

It’s worth mentioning that Adobe Firefly makes the power of generative AI available to global audiences by supporting over a hundred languages for entering text commands.

To use Adobe, you have the option of the free version, which gives you access to 25 monthly generative credits. However, for more advanced features, you can opt for the Premium version, which offers 100 monthly credits and the exclusion of the watermark on generated images, for $4.99 /month.

(Source: Adobe Firefly)

7. Fotor

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Fotor website

With Fotor, an AI-based image generator, you can create anything from cartoon portraits to sci-fi movie characters, as well as various digital arts.

As well as using the text-based image generator, you can also transform your portraits and selfies into different artistic styles, such as cartoon, anime, watercolor, neon or sketch. So you can choose a specific style to have fun with your photos and make your social posts stand out.

Fotor’s photo generator app lets you easily capture your ideas using text prompts. This text-to-image generator can be used on both PCs and cell phones and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Access to Fotor is possible through Fotor Basic, which is free, or Fotor Pro, which offers some advantages, such as more credits, better resolution and image quality, HD download without watermark, for US$ 2.66/ a month (promotional value).

(Source: Fotor. Free AI Image Generator; Fotor. Plans and Prices)

8. Craiyon

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Craiyon website

O Craiyon formerly called DALL-E mini, is an online tool for creating images using AI. Like other tools already mentioned, it is intuitive and allows users to generate images from texts.

To get the images you’ve generated in Craiyon, you need to take a screenshot instead of downloading a file. Although it’s not modern, it’s simple, fun and accessible.

Although it is less complex than DALL-E 2, Craiyon offers customization options and has paid plans starting at US$ 5 /month, offering benefits such as 45 seconds for 9 images, no ads, no watermark, private images, among others.

You can also use Craiyon for free. However, with limited resources as mentioned above.

(Source: Craiyon. Choose your plan)

9. Dream by Wombo

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Wombo website

O Dream by Wombo is a platform available on the web and also in apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) devices, which uses AI to transform photographs into surreal and psychedelic images.

The app offers users a wide range of image customization features, such as changing tones, intensifying contrasts, adding textures and various other possibilities.

What’s more, you can create fun, easy and intuitive clips. Simply add an image, choose a song and watch your animated creations come to life realistically, with human movements and lip syncing to the music.

To achieve this result, the application makes use of advanced image processing techniques and highly complex algorithms, all available free of charge.


10. StarryAI

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Starry AI website

StarryAI is a web platform and app for Android and iOS that uses AI to create high-quality images. It offers extensive customization, catering for size, color and resolution preferences, as well as Discord support.

Starryai models receive regular updates to constantly improve their creations. The platform is capable of generating images in a variety of styles, requiring the frequent use of credits.

Starryai’s AI art generator can be accessed free of charge, allowing users to generate up to 25 images daily.

For those who choose the Starryai Pro Unlimited plan, they will have access to unlimited image generations, along with exclusive benefits such as priority generation, access to all screen sizes and other additional features.

The initial plan starts at US$ 8.99/month and can go up to a maximum of US$ 63.99/month.

(Source: Starryai)

11. Bing Image Creator

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Bing Image Creator website

O Bing Image Creator developed by Microsoft with AI, allows images to be generated from keywords. Inspired by DALL-E, it creates up to four images with different styles and suggests requests to the AI.

Bing Image Creator produces four images simultaneously for sharing or downloading, and optional credits speed up results and prioritize in the processing queue.

It is integrated with the Bing chat experience, allowing you to generate written and visual content directly in the chat. In addition, Microsoft Edge will have a preview of Bing Image Creator, making it the first browser to have an integrated image creator with AI technology.

Bing’s system works by blocking and notifying users whenever it identifies the possibility of a prompt generating a potentially harmful image.

This measure aims to provide transparency, clearly informing users about the image creation process and alerting them to AI intervention to prevent unwanted content.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator is currently free for everyone to use.

(Source: Microsoft News. March, 2023; G2.Top 10 AI Image Generation Software for 2024)

12. Leonardo AI

Best AI Image Generators: Image from Leonardo AI website

Leonardo AI is an AI tool that is known for its ability to convert sketches into detailed and believable images.

To perfect your artistic vision, just describe simple commands and the AI will take on the task of translating your words into useful images for publications and project launches.

Leonardo AI offers a diversity of artistic styles, ranging from classical paintings to modern abstractions, giving you the opportunity to experiment and create at your own pace. it’s possible to create your own model, using tools integrated into the platform that make the process easier.

A significant feature that Leonardo offers is a free tier, which includes a daily quota of tokens, where they can be earmarked for use in your creative projects. And this free offer has no expiration date, allowing you to use it for as long as you like.

However, to meet your specific needs, Leonardo offers other options ranging from the Basic API for US$ 9/month, to the Pro API for US$ 299/month.

(Source: Leonardo AI)

Learn how to use AI to create images

Banner Tess AI

The AI tools for creating images are tested with a wide variety of prompts, from the most advanced to the simplest, demonstrating that they are accessible and easy to use.

But you need to know how to insert effective prompts that will really help these tools understand what image you want to create to generate even more impressive results.

  • The first step is to be clear and specific in your prompt. This is because an AI should be considered a person who understands almost everything to the letter and always opts for the quickest and most obvious answer, so it’s very important to be clear;
  • When creating a prompt, it is essential to provide correct instructions. Avoid vague or ambiguous phrases, as this can lead to inaccurate results;
  • When constructing prompts, it is also recommended that you write them in English, even if you have planned them in Portuguese. This is necessary because many of these tools have a greater understanding of the English language;
  • Then define the style and all the other details, such as rendering and color, which are crucial to creating high-quality images.

Frequently Asked Questions About Image Generators

Discover some of the most common questions about image generators and get clear answers to any doubts you may have.

1. How does an AI image generator turn text into art?

R: An AI image generator transforms text into art through a process called conditional image generation. This method involves a neural network, especially a variant known as GAN (Generative Adversarial Network).

Below is a simplified explanation of the process:

  • Text input: the user provides a description or text describing the desired image.
  • Text Processing: the text is processed to extract relevant information and semantic representations.
  • Generative Neural Network: the generative neural network, fed with the processed text, generates an initial image based on the information provided.
  • Training and refinement: the model is trained using extensive data sets to learn the relationship between different text descriptions and the corresponding visual features.
  • Improvement with GAN: in many cases, a pair of GANs is used, with one generating network creating the image and the other discriminator evaluating authenticity. This encourages continuous improvement of the images generated.
  • Final Generation: the enhanced model is able to generate a final image that represents the visual interpretation of the original text description.
  • Iterative feedback: the process can be iterative with continuous adjustments to improve the quality of the images generated based on user feedback or automatic evaluations.

This AI approach allows visual art to be created from concepts described in text, offering an innovative way of expressing ideas and concepts visually.

2. What is the difference between an AI that creates images and traditional graphic design software?

R: An AI that creates images makes it possible to create artwork from a simple text command. It uses millions of public images as a reference and, as it is always a unique creation, it allows for the commercial use of the image created.

Traditional graphic design software, on the other hand, requires the designer to work manually, which is more time-consuming, but also brings greater precision to the final result. If the designer wants to use images from the web, they must be aware of the rights to use the images.

Both softwares can be used together for best results. For example, you can create a completely new image with AI – free of copyright – and use it in the design software to create an advertisement or a post, for example.

3. Can AI imagers be used commercially?

R: When considering AI image generators for commercial purposes, it is crucial to review the terms of use and licensing of each platform, as conditions may vary. Some services may impose limitations or require specific subscriptions.

At Tess AI, however, this concern does not apply, since it is possible to create customized images without copyright restrictions for commercial use.

4. How do I choose the best AI imager for my specific needs?

R: Choosing the best AI imager depends on several factors, such as the desired purpose, the customization allowed, the ease of use and the variety of styles offered.

It is recommended to explore different options, considering ratings, features and user feedback to make an informed decision. At Tess AI, you can test different AIs to create images in one place.


We hope we’ve helped you discover the best AI tools for creating images and that you feel inspired to boost your creativity.

Combining human creativity with the power of AI opens the door to exploring new possibilities in the field of visual creation, which plays a crucial role in marketing and business advancement.

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