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Tess AI: 6th Best AI in the World at the G2 Best Software Awards

By March 1, 2024March 25th, 2024No Comments
Top Global AI Software: Tess AI

We’re thrilled to announce that Pareto has received one of the world’s biggest recognitions for technology: our AI, Tess AI, was voted the 6th Best AI in the World at G2’s Software Awards!

Joining us in the G2 ranking are other major AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini and Notion AI!

With a decade of experience in AI, these recognitions are extremely important for Pareto, further reinforcing our mission to create a world with more time for people and companies.

We’ve also received other awards such as #1 🏆 Global Platform for Image Creation with AI and #6 🏅 Global Platform for Video Creation with AI!

G2 2024 recognitions for Pareto (Tess AI)

Below we present the details of the award:

6th of 50 Best AI Software

G2 has revealed its list of the 50 Best AI Software of 2024, with Pareto in 6th place. Also listed in the same ranking were industry leaders such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, IBM Watson and Amazon SageMaker.

The actions of these AIs cover different audiences: marketing and sales professionals, large companies, AI enthusiasts and developers, providing solutions that improve operations and simplify tasks. Check the ranking:

Global Leader in AI Imaging

Pareto has distinguished itself as a leader in the field of image generation, in terms of competition, leadership, performance, market presence and user satisfaction. Other notable AIs, such as Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Microsoft Designer and Fotor, are also included in this prominent scenario.

Below is an illustration of the ranking.

6th Best AI Video Generator

At the intersection of AI and multimedia content production, our AI video generation software stands out. On the Tess AI platform, you can create videos using text and images, in a matter of minutes.

Pareto was ranked 6th Best in the video generator scene, alongside notables such as Synthesia, Rask AI, and Veed. Find out more below:

🏅 Other Achievements

AI Chatbot:

  • #1 🏆 Ease of Use
  • #1 🏆 Software Integration
  • #1 🏆 Personalization

Image Generators with AI:

  • #1 🏆 Likelihood to Recommend
  • #1 🏆 Realism (for Small Businesses)
  • #1 🏆 Easy to Use (for Small Businesses)
  • #1 🏆 Generation Speed (for Small Businesses)

Video Generators with AI:

  • #1 🏆 Ease of Use
  • #2 🏅 Text-to-Video
  • #2 🏅 Realism

What is G2?

But what is the G2 anyway? It is recognized as the largest and most reliable software review site on a global scale. Every year, more than 90 million people trust G2 to guide their software choices, based on authentic peer reviews.

Fundamentally, G2 stands out as a platform dedicated to analyzing software and services. Customers share their experiences and evaluations of the software and services they use in their operations.

The G2 ecosystem partners with thousands of software and services companies, regardless of their size, to build a solid reputation and drive business growth.

(Source: Documentation. G2. Research scoring methodologies. February, 2024.)

How does the G2 work?

G2 operates as a global forum, aggregating user reviews from its own website and social networks.

Using a proprietary and innovative algorithm, these evaluations are processed in real time, resulting in scores that reflect not only customer satisfaction, but also the companies’ position in the market.

G2 establishes strategic partnerships to validate reviewers, ensuring authenticity through selected platforms. It adopts a cautious approach, prohibiting comments about current and former employers, as well as competitors, in order to maintain a trustworthy and ethical evaluation environment.

(Source: Cool g2. Community Guidelines)

How Important are the G2 Criteria for Making a Product Stand Out?

The G2 criteria show a product’s achievements in various categories. They are an instant and transparent way of showing that the product is performing well.

Using these criteria, G2 presents the reasons why users express their satisfaction with a specific product.

For this reason, Pareto is proud to share the recognition recently received by Tess AI, a pioneer in the sector, but one that has made its presence felt in the market.

See what our users are saying

To compete for the Best Software Awards, Tess AI accumulated several evaluations. Check out some user opinions about our platform!

It’s the most useful and complete artificial intelligence platform I’ve ever used. I recommend it to all my friends who are stuck in their activities and projects.”

“The Tess AI platform brings together the best AI models for generating text, images and so on. In addition, there are many use cases that reduce the time it takes to figure out how to use AI.”

“Well, as a business manager, I understand that it’s impossible to swim against the flow. After researching and experimenting with other tools, Pareto is no longer a perception but the reality in terms of usability; is easy to understand and covers brainstorming ideas to create a complete marketing campaignIt gives me back some precious time in my day that I used to spend doing everything myself. Thanks guys!”

“The platform offers an innovative approach to content generation, using artificial intelligence to create texts, images and videos. Its usefulness stands out above all for its efficiency and speed in producing creative materials.”

Very complete, has several templates to start using the platform more easily. Extremely easy to implement and integrate with other solutions. The user support is very easy and fast. I use it frequently and the features suit me very well.”

“One of the things I liked most about the Pareto platform was its ability to generate images quickly and efficiently. The AI behind the platform is impressive at creating high-quality visual content. In addition, the platform’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, which makes the user experience pleasant.”

Thank you

We would like to express our deep gratitude for receiving G2’s 6th Best Software of 2024 Award.

With more than 30 exclusive categories, G2’s recognition highlights software suppliers and products. We proudly congratulate the select group of less than 1% of suppliers on all these lists, of which we are honored to be a part.

This year, we are celebrating a recognition based on verified data, originating from the source we consider most valuable: the authentic voice of our users. This achievement would not have been possible without the continued support of our community. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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