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Gemini (formerly Bard): Google's AI

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If you're a regular user of Google tools, you may have come across Bard. However, with Google's latest release, the well-known Bard has been given a new identity as Gemini.

Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 not only stands out as the favorite among chatbots, surpassing the main alternatives, but also represents a remarkable innovation by Google in the field of artificial intelligence.

In this context, Google is introducing Gemini, an AI-powered tool. Textual creation now goes beyond traditional paper and ink, incorporating a touch of AI to break new ground in creative expression. Find out more!

What is Gemini? 

Powered by the Ultra 1.0 model, Gemini Advanced demonstrates a significantly superior ability to handle complex tasks such as logical reasoning, coding, executing detailed instructions and collaborating on innovative projects.

As well as enabling longer and more detailed conversations, Gemini stands out for its improved understanding of the context of previous prompts.

For example, Gemini Advanced can act as your personal collaborator, creating detailed instructions, providing sample quizzes or participating in discussions tailored to your way of absorbing knowledge.

In addition, Gemini Advanced plays a crucial role in helping digital creators turn ideas into reality by generating creative content, analyzing recent trends and facilitating discussions on the best strategies for expanding the target audience.

In short, previously Bard responded to commands, while Gemini was the technology that processed the information behind the scenes. Now, they are fully integrated.

(Source: Google Blog. Bard is now Gemini. February, 2024)

Can I Use Gemini for Free?

Indeed! Gemini's free plan offers access to the 1.0 Pro model, which is ideal for simpler tasks such as generating text, answering questions and translating languages.

Below is a quick guide to using Google Gemini in Brazil:

  1. Go to Gemini and click on "Log in";
  2. Log in with your Google account;
  3. Accept the Privacy Terms, which include information on data collection;
  4. Click on "I agree" if you agree with the terms;
  5. You will be redirected to Gemini; click on "Continue" to accept your trial status;
  6. Use Gemini as a search engine by typing in your questions to get answers in a conversational format.

There's also the paid version, which is a premium Google One plan that gives you access to the most advanced Google AI. With it, you can perform complex tasks such as generating creative and informative texts, translating languages more accurately and getting complete and informative answers to your questions.

The plan costs US$ 19.99/month (R$ 99.35 in direct conversion), but you can try it for free for 2 months, and this includes access to the Ultra 1.0 model, 2TB of cloud storage and access to Google experts.

Gemini Advanced is currently available on Google One. Soon, you'll be able to use it in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets and more.

What Tasks Can I Perform with Gemini? 

In addition to building a text from a promptGemini can also help a user with various tasks that can be long and tedious. In this article we'll mention five of them that are a real hand in the wheel.

Writing e-mails

When you open your inbox, do you see that "+99" and, no matter how many emails you answer, you can't get through to everyone? Writing emails can be a time-consuming task and can delay the delivery of important demands. 

But what if there was a way to make it simpler and faster? With Gemini you can. 

Type the following command: "Write a reply to the e-mail below stating that the delivery time for the demand is five working days" and copy and paste the e-mail you received.
Gemini will draft a reply which you can also copy and paste into your email and send. But be aware that Gemini cannot send it for security reasons.

Summarize Content

Content producers need to read several articles and other materials in order to write texts that are technically correct. However, reading articles with hundreds of pages can delay the completion of the task by several hours. 

With Gemini, you can write a prompt where the AI will read the text for you and summarize the content into topics that can be worked on more quickly. Easy and practical.

Thinking in Ideas

Does it seem that some days your head just doesn't work? No matter how hard you try, the ideas just won't come? It happens to everyone, but you need a way out of these creative blocks. 

When using Gemini, you can write commands such as:

  • What sports topics can I write a blog about? 
  • I need to create a course on paid media campaigns. Where should I start? 
  • I have to make a 1-minute video about veganism, what could be the script? 

So AI can help you unlock your ideas, produce something that is original and meets your needs.

Analyzing and Organizing Data

In a market that is data-drivenit is necessary to use data as a way of making decisions. That's why Gemini offers tools that can analyze data and perform operations such as:

  • Demonstrate data in simple language;
  • Summarize insights about the data;
  • Finding patterns and trends; 
  • Point out the highest or lowest values.

Gemini can also organize data into tables that can be used directly in Google Sheets. Simply enter the data and type in the command to organize everything in a table. In the end, Gemini does it for you!

Scheduling Meetings

This feature is at the bottom of the list because it is still in the experimental phase and may require you to make some adjustments before completing the task.

With the help of Gemini, you can create prompts that structure meeting invitations. But remember to make it clear who the participants are, the date, time and agenda. Sometimes there can be mistakes, so take another look before sending the invitation.

Does Gemini produce images? 

Yes. Gemini is a Google AI language model that can generate images from text prompts.

Simply go to on your computer, type in a prompt that describes the image you want to generate, being specific and detailed in your description.

Here are some examples:

  • "A robot dancing salsa on a tropical beach at sunset, anime style."
  • "A birthday cake in the shape of a medieval castle, with icing details."

You can also review the images generated and select the one you like best.
Full-size images are downloaded when you click on "Download large size".

You can use this feature for free, only for prompts in English.

What other Image Generator is similar to Gemini? 

Tess AI, Pareto's AI platform, is based on renowned pre-trained models such as OpenAI's GPT-3 turbo and GPT-4 turbo, MidJourney, Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion,, Ada, LIama and its own models.

Within Tess AI you can build the texts, images and videos you need. You can also work with images and edit them using the best AI tools. Tess is a complete solution covering the latest innovations in technology.

Check out a mosaic of different images generated in a matter of seconds using simple commands by Tess AI.

Bard: mosaic of different images generated by Tess AI


In this article, you've gained a comprehensive understanding of Gemini and its functionalities, especially beneficial for beginners. Although we've covered several possibilities, we encourage you to explore even further by testing prompts on the platform.

However, if you're looking for a complete solution to boost content production in your business, we invite you to discover all the capabilities offered by Tess AI. Try it for free and push the boundaries of your creativity and efficiency!

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