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Pareto Segments: monitor aggregated data across media platforms

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Be honest, do you know if your investment in top of funnel(awareness) has been increasing or decreasing over the last 3 months? Do you know if the conversion rate of your bottom campaigns is being impacted by new users?

Probably not. But don't feel bad. Pareto estimates that almost 93% of companies advertising on the Internet don't know these answers either. To solve this and other problems, get to know Pareto Segments.

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Simplicity is an art

The new feature is simple to set up and even easier to use. It all starts with classifying your campaigns into tags. Let your imagination run wild! Create as many customized segments as you like - there are no limits.


Strategy and aggregate data

It's practically impossible to find a high-performance digital company that doesn't monitor aggregated data from multiple channels. We often see entire Business Intelligence departments processing databases and putting them to good use - via insights or analysis.

But why is it so strategic to monitor data from Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other channels in one place? Three words: attribution model.

As complex as it is to verify the impact of performance between channels, monitoring data in isolation creates a myopic view and ignores the constant interaction that users have between media. Unifying the data under categories allows interactions to be more easily perceived - which can generate historical strategic conclusions.

Examples of classifications

Here are some examples of classifications that could change your strategic vision:

  • Classify your campaigns (from all channels) into funnel stages. This way you can see, for example, how investing in the top of the funnel impacts on the conversion rate at the bottom 🤔.
  • Classify your campaigns into products or services. This way, you can closely monitor your conversions and CPA. This information should be used to customize campaign goals, allowing bidding by product - especially if you're using smart bidding or the Pareto AI Bid Manager.
  • Classify your one-off marketing campaigns (with start and end dates), so that the data doesn't clutter up the report for the others. In addition, you will be able to see whether or not these actions ended up having an impact on the sustaining (ongoing) campaigns.
  • Classify your campaigns by type or format. Doesn't sound like much? It's not. You'll be able to compare, for example, image and video campaigns - adding up the data from all the integrated channels. A strategic conclusion here could simply change your company's asset planning.
  • Sort your campaigns between different channels to reflect any experimentation you want to do. For example, you could change your communication in 2 ways, across all channels. Group the campaigns with communication A in one group and do the same for the other. This way, you can do statistical experiments between channels like you never thought you could.

* Some companies have reported great results in communication experiments, duplicating all current campaigns and grouping them into their specific categories. However, it is worth noting that duplicating your campaigns can generate internal competition, which is generally not recommended.

What's next?


Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Imagine this: you have 78 campaigns classified as top of funnel, 37 as middle and 19 as bottom.

With that in mind, think that at 5:30 p.m. your CMO asks you to reduce the investment in your top campaigns by 25% - across all channels. What do you do? Export everything? Edit them one by one?

Soon, this will no longer be a problem! The new version of Pareto Segments will allow you to edit budget and status by customized segment, adding much more efficiency to your day!

And of course we'll use a lot of statistics to take advantage of any changes in order to generate even more results. Good, right? Just wait. Arriving in stores soon 😃.

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