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[QUIZ] Test your knowledge of Google Ads Intermediate/Advanced

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Knowledge of Google Ads Intermediate/Advanced


Do you think you already know a lot about Google Ads? Then now is the time to test your knowledge of Google Ads Intermediate/Advanced with this quiz we've prepared especially for you!

Ready? The time is now! Write down your answers and check them at the bottom of the page.

1. What is Google's Ad Rank?

a. It is the ranking, ordered by Google, which defines in which position an ad appears in a given search.

b. The quality index of your ads, calculated by Google.

c. The performance ranking of your keywords within a specific campaign.

d. It's the ranking that shows which of your ads are performing best.

2. What is CTR?

a. Conversion Rate per Click

b. Click rate per impression

c. Conversion Rate per Print

d. Ad Viewing Rate

3. How is the Ad Rank calculated?

a. CPC Bid x Conversion Rate

b. CPC bid x expected CTR

c. CPC bid x Quality Index

d. Conversion rate x average CPC

4. Regarding the disapproval of ads on the Search Network, which of the answers indicates ONLY items that disapprove?

a. Interrogation in the Headline; Use of Protected Marks; Accentuation in the Path.

b. Exclamation in the Headline; Use of Protected Marks; Excessive Capitalization.

c. Exclamation in Description; Use of Protected Marks; Excessive Capitalization.

d. Lack of Accent in Words; Broken URLs; Excessive Capitalization.

5. What are Bid Adjustments in Google Ads?

a. These are percentage adjustments that make it possible to offer more or less depending on when, from whom, how and where the searches are made.

b. This is an adjustment calculated by Google to charge advertisers.

c. This is an adjustment to the bid for a particular campaign so that it has a higher priority.

d. It's a way of negating keywords.

6. What is a brand campaign for?

a. Avoid overlapping competitors

b. Take to Purchase Page and Other selected pages

c. Having dynamic communication with your client

d. All of the above.

7. What is Impression Share Lost?

a. It is the portion of impression lost from your ads due to budget and/or bid limitation.

b. The share of impressions lost from your ads due to disapprovals.

c. The number of people who no longer click on your ad.

d. None of the above.

8. What can the Budget Limited warning on a Google Campaign mean?

a. The budget will necessarily be limited today.

b. The budget was necessarily limited yesterday.

c. The budget has been limited in some of the last few days, but it didn't necessarily limit it yesterday and it will limit it today.

d. The budget has been limited in some of the last few days and necessarily limited yesterday and will limit today.

9. The keyword "Passagens Sampa Rio" (FRASE match), would NOT display for the search term:

a. Rio Sampa tickets

b. Tickets Sampa Rio de Janeiro

c. Sampa Rio ticket

d. Buy Tickets Sampa Rio

10. Regarding the Quality Index, it does NOT influence the Expected CTR:

a. Add Ad Extensions.

b. Using promotional calls in ads

c. Increasing keyword bids

d. Use Call to Action in ads

11. What can NOT be said about the general operation of the concept of keywords?

a. Advertisers must bid on keywords they wish to "buy".

b. Google matches the ad with the term searched for by the user in order to display the most appropriate ads.

c. When an ad is displayed in Google's search results, the advertiser will always be charged.

d. Google earns money from ad clicks.

12. Which of these is NOT a Remarketing Audience suitable for targeting ads for a store that sells refrigerators?

a. All Visitors

b. Cart abandonment

c. Session duration

d. Bought in the last 30 days

13. What is the Merchant Center?

a. It is a Google platform where the e-commerce product feed is registered, allowing Google Shopping campaigns to be carried out.

b. It's a Google Shopping campaign.

c. It's a type of advertisement that shows an image of the product and the price.

d. This is a Google Ads tab that allows you to see product purchase statistics.

14. What is XML?

a. This is the link that takes an advertisement directly to the site's product page.

b. This is the code for each product on the site.

c. This is the name given to the set of products displayed on Google Shopping.

d. This is the File Extension used to organize the Product Feed data.

15. An advertiser has an electronics e-commerce business and wants to create a video campaign to increase sales on his website. Which of these video formats would be most suitable for focusing on conversions in a YouTube campaign?

a. Bumper

b. Trueview Outstream

c. Trueview Discovery

d. Trueview for Shopping

So, ready to see your answers? Check them out below:



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