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[CASE] Structuring Paid Media for the Entertainment Segment

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Paid Media for the Entertainment Segment

This study tells a little about the work carried out with a Pareto client in the Entertainment Segment in the first month of work.

To put the action into context, this client operates in the entertainment sector and had never advertised on sponsored links before. It was therefore very important to think about the best campaign structure for their digital media launch.

Given this brief presentation, the challenges are:

  • To have an increase in the number of internal registrations to sustain the investment in media.
  • Bringing product knowledge to the target audience.
  • Start laying the foundations for remarketing. 

The Case Study - Segment: Entertainment

In the first phase, structuring, the aim was to define the client's ideal target audience. It's important to know that he was already known by big players, and we needed to explore small producers. So we gathered all the information we could to get a more detailed idea of which audience we were going to target first. 


As the client had no history in Google Analytics, we consulted the internal CRM to gather insights. In this way, we were able to define age, profession, gender and location for audience segmentation. 


New Structure

In the first month, we opted for a structure focused on expanding the top of the funnel, i.e. increasing the base of people who would get to know the company and its services. To this end, the structure plan included video viewing campaigns, as well as search network campaigns using broader keywords. 

On Facebook, we used two videos, one longer and one shorter. We measured not only ThruPlays (views for at least 15 seconds of the video), but also the complete view rate. We identified that the longer video had a high drop-out rate, so we targeted it only at the remarketing audience. And so the shorter video was kept for the new user audience. 

For Google, we opted for the STAG - Single Term Ad Group. You can find out more about this Pareto structure in this article. This system has proven to be more efficient and provide better optimization results than the others. It uses a single term per ad group, allowing for highly efficient micro-optimization.

In this model, we brought in 3 keyword matches: Exact, Modified Broad and Broad, expecting a large volume of terms at the beginning, since we had no history. With the help of Pareto Ads we filtered the terms and did daily negativity work on the account in order to bring in only the best users.

We used 3 different Search Network campaigns: Generic, Brand (Institutional) and Competitors. We identified that competitors were "buying" the client's brand on Google, in other words, they were buying the brand's keywords. We therefore chose to protect our brand at that time. In addition, all campaigns are focused on maximizing clicks in order to bring maximum traffic to the client's site.

Performance of the Pareto Ads Algorithm

Every day, the algorithm automatically scanned and adjusted all these keyword variables, seeking to optimize each campaign for its objective. In addition, as previously mentioned, it was possible to consult and negate the terms generated by the broad words in order to narrow down the searches. In the beginning, 97% of searches were search terms:

Conclusion of the study

At the beginning of any sponsored link work, close monitoring is necessary, as the first month and the structure are crucial for the next few months.

With Pareto Ads, we were able to monitor in real time and make decisions based on machine learning and statistical confidence, which brought positive results in the short term.

In the first month of work we increased by 72% the overall volume of registrations on the platform, a record for the last four months. For the future, we have chosen to continue with top campaigns, introducing a larger remarketing audience, since our bases are already broader.

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