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How to Generate Qualified Leads and Maximize Conversions

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Qualified Leads and Maximizing Conversions

Anyone who works with paid media campaigns knows what a challenge it is to generate qualified leads through website forms, WhatsApp or other means of contacting the company.

We often waste hours trying to find out which campaigns are really generating qualified leads so that we can focus our efforts and investment on them.

However, since every conversion is usually measured equally, it's not possible to know which campaigns are generating the most valuable leads.

Without this visibility of qualification, traffic managers can't prioritize the best campaigns, nor can Google Ads and Facebook Ads segment the most qualified audiences. All this leads to a huge waste of money on leads that don't fit with the client's business.

Read on for valuable tips on how to generate qualified leads. First, it's worth reinforcing a few concepts.

What are Qualified Leads?

As you know, whenever someone accesses your website, pages or the like and interacts by entering their contact details on a form, for example, they are considered a lead.

This lead may or may not be relevant to a business. This is because not all of these conversions are actually interested in the service or product the company has to offer.

It can also happen that the lead is interested, but doesn't fit the company's ideal consumer profile. They therefore become a disqualified lead for the sale.

Qualified leads, on the other hand, are those who are not only interested but also meet all the requirements to become a customer, saving the sales team time and money.

Tips for Generating Qualified Leads and Maximizing Conversions

There are many ways to boost the generation of qualified leads, and we'll mention the main strategies applied by various Pareto clients. They really do make a difference. In some cases, companies with the same investment have almost doubled the volume of qualified leads.

Find out which leads are most and least qualified

In a meeting with the sales team, take stock of the latest contact requests and ask them to indicate the best and worst records.

Next, define the common characteristics that these lists have: location, age, job title or any other characteristic.

With this, you'll be able to distinguish which customer profile is ideal and which is less desirable.

Understand the Quality of Leads by Channel

Still on the subject of the best and worst registrations, identify which contact points they usually come from. This could be telephone, chat, Instagram message, email, etc.

For example, you may discover that the best contact channel is through the website chat, rather than the form itself.

With this, you can focus your campaign efforts on maximizing conversions from this means of contact.

Understand the Quality of Leads in Each Campaign

Finally, identify the quality of the leads that each campaign brings in, i.e. go beyond simply identifying that campaign A brought in 10 registrations and B, 20.

To carry out this last analysis, it is important that each contact is properly identified with UTMs. If you have difficulty with this configuration, in the article How to track the origin of leads with UTMs and Script you'll find a complete step-by-step guide to setting up the URL parameters.

Automate Lead Acquisition and Qualification

Automate everything you can, triggering emails, tracking metrics, notifications, qualification and clustering. Whenever you can save hours of work, do it.

Automation is important so that you can focus more on the strategic, creative and service stages, while the machine does the repetitive part. This is our mission "Rehumanizing People and Robotizing Processes".

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5 Automations to Make Qualified Lead Generation More Efficient

Automation is the essence of Paretoan Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Marketing and Sales, which today has more than 15,000 companies in 84 countries.

In line with its clients' needs, over the years Pareto has seen patterns and built technology solutions to facilitate not only lead generation, but also solve challenges that go beyond paid media.

Check out 5 native Pareto solutions that will be essential to your efforts to generate qualified leads!

1. Omnichannel Budget Manager

We know how time-consuming it is to optimize the budget for campaigns across all of a brand's channels, and this difficulty is even greater when you have to deal with multiple clients.

But Pareto Budget Manager you can automate the budget management of your campaigns, without compromising the budget for the month (you won't exceed or lose your monthly investment).

Whether you're an agency or a company, all you have to do is choose the budget for the month, define the campaigns, the objective and that's it.

Every day Tess will adjust the Google Ads and Facebook Ads budget, so you can focus on the creative while our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) prioritizes the best performing campaigns.

qualified leads: image of the system indicating three budget lines to adjust

2. Lead Projection Dashboard

Much is said about the importance of developing strategies to achieve the goal of capturing leads, but little is said about the lack of visibility when it comes to following up on multichannel projections.

Pareto's Lead Projection Dashboard gives you a complete overview of your lead capture projections for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, combining the two platforms.

On a single screen, you can see the current leads, the expected leads and the percentage of the target reached, making it easier to monitor your actions and boosting target achievement.


qualified leads: image of a graph with growth lines and projection showing the achievement of the leads target


3. 1-Click Optimization for Facebook Ads and Google Ads

A Pareto One Click Optimization performs thousands of analyses in seconds, finds the best optimization opportunities for your ad account and applies the optimizations with just one click.

Every day, Tess, our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) analyzes millions of pieces of data to recommend the best optimizations for you. 

These suggestions appear as cards on a kanban and all you have to do is activate the ones you think are relevant. In just one second, you can save minutes of work.


qualified leads: image of a cell phone with alert information appearing outside the screen


4. Integrating CRM with Paid Media

There is nothing more frustrating than not being clear about the impact of a campaign on generating truly qualified leads.

That's why Pareto has developed an automation for Lead Management which allows you to monitor the metrics for each stage of the sales funnel from the Google Ads and Facebook Ads interface, importing the data directly from your CRM.

With it you can see indicators such as qualified leads, meetings and revenue generated from each ad and campaign. This gives you more visibility and assertiveness in your marketing strategies.


qualified leads: image of the system indicating three lines of campaigns to integrate into the crm


5. Optimizing Campaigns for Qualified Leads

Who hasn't optimized media campaigns to maximize the volume of conversions, but hasn't seen an increase in qualified leads as a result?

This is a very common problem and happens because paid media platforms don't see the difference between a qualified lead and a disqualified one, as they consider both to be conversions.

But Pareto Qualified Leads Automationyou can assign a score and separate qualified leads from unqualified ones using the form fields themselves and integrate them with paid media platforms Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

This way you can identify the classification of leads on the platforms and optimize bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns for more qualified leads.

Qualified leads: scoring image with yellow stars for a registration with the person's name and photo

At Pareto, we believe that Robotic Process Automation optimizes the generation of qualified leads and increases the chances of converting leads into customers.

The use of these automations, coupled with an efficient marketing strategy, brings more than commercial results, it reinforces the strength of your brand through its performance.

We also know that human skills cannot be replaced and that the role of automation is to boost professionals in their activities so that they can be more creative, strategic and brilliant. 

Request a free demo and optimize the qualified lead generation results of your campaigns.

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