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Poem Generator: Discover the Platforms for Composing Poetry

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"Roses are red, violets are blue

A poem generator helps those who don't rhyme

And he creates the most diverse verses". 

Poetry is a text marked by the use of words in verses and stanzas, sometimes with rhymes, sometimes without. It can be used to express emotions, tell stories or record impressions and thoughts about the world around us.

But it's not a simple text to produce. Writing a poem requires a broad knowledge of vocabulary, a little patience and time. Unfortunately, we don't always have this at our disposal, so artificial intelligence (AI) is an excellent ally. 

If you want to write some verses quickly, just use a poem generator. In this article we'll introduce you to 5 poem generators that you can use today to get rhyming. 

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an option for generating poems, but you have to write prompts prompts to get a poem just the way you envisioned it. Some details you can include are:

  • Number of verses or stanzas you want;
  • Main subject of the poem;
  • Other topics that should be mentioned. 

For example: 

  • Write a poem about a flower garden and mention a water fountain in the middle of it. The poem should have six lines. 

What ChatGPT has generated:

"In the garden, colors dance in fanfare,

Flowers bloom, a sweet bustle.

In the heart, the fountain is the afternoon verse,

Singing waters in an eternal colossus.

Between the petals, secrets to tell,

The garden murmurs in poetry."

2. AI Poem Generator

AI Poem Generator is a simple generator. When you access the platform, you'll see a text box where you have to write the keywords of your poem. Just below that is a button to click when you want to execute the command to generate a poem.  

Because it's a tool with virtually no customization, you can control very few aspects of the poetry. Which is great if you need something quick or practical. Even with few instructions, the poem generator will produce good rhymes and well-constructed ideas. 

On the other hand, the platform only works in English. If you're not fluent in English, you'll need the help of a translator to write down the keywords and then translate the poem.

For example: 

  • rainbows (in Portuguese, arco-íris)

What the AI Poem Generator has created:

"The colors blend and swirl and play

A shimmering dance, a joyous sway

Red, orange, yellow, green and blue

A rainbow's magic, pure and true."

3. Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse is an experimental poem generator from Google. What makes it unique is the premise that the poems generated are inspired by great American poets. 

To generate a poem in Verse by Verse, you need to select three authors as your inspirations. Some of the most famous options are Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, but in total there are 22 authors.  

Next, you need to make technical choices about the form of the poem, the number of poetic syllables per line and the structure of the rhymes. These options can change depending on the poem's form. 

Now it's time to actually write. Verse by Verse asks you to write the first verse, then offers you three options for the next verse. Each option is generated following the style of poetry that its three inspirational authors wrote. 

This poem generator is very complete, but again, it's an English-language platform. If you're not fluent, you'll need a translator to help you out. 

4. Poem Generator

Poem Generator is an English poem generator with many features. However, without paying, you can generate just ten poems that will be well constructed, but generic and short. To generate haikus, sonnets and elegies of various lengths, you'll need to shell out a few dollars. 

The monthly plans are as follows:

  • Hobby: 4 dollars, with 10 credits;
  • Professional: 8 dollars, with 100 credits;
  • Expert: 20 dollars, with unlimited credits. 

To generate a free poem, you write the subject and leave the work to the AI. For example:

  • love (in Portuguese, amor)

Poem Generator wrote:

"Love is a warmth,

In every touch and embrace,

A dance of souls,

Forever intertwined in grace." 

5. Tess AI

Tess AI, Pareto's platform, offers not just one, but four templates poem generator templates. Each one has a template for generating the poem and we'll briefly explain how to use them.

Create a Poem for Any Occasion 

This template has a text box where you can write the information that will be used to generate your poem. You can also select the tone of voice and the number of words you want. 

Ideas for a Poem

The ideas template helps you develop ideas for your poems. If you're experiencing a creative block, you can type what you want to talk about into the text box and Tess will give you suggestions for writing your poetry. 

Create a Poem from an Image

Yes, this is an innovation from Tess AI. In this model, you provide the context of the poem and an image as inspiration. The AI will then generate a poem that combines the artistic expression of the image with what you want to produce.

Create your own template

In addition to templates created in Tess AI, you can also create your own poem generator. With the templates, you can produce a template that will meet your specific needs.

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In this article, we look at 5 poem generator options that can help you on your journey as a poet. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but we have our favorite. 

Tess AI offers a complete tool for coming up with ideas, generating poems and building customized solutions for you and your work routine. Isn't it a masterpiece? 

Access Tess AI for free and all its innovative features!

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