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How to Use AI Copywriting to Write Texts

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In the Harry Potter movie saga, objects are enchanted to perform tasks on their own. Brooms clean floors, letters fly to their sender on their own and cauldrons cook food without the help of a person. 

Today, to help you construct complex texts in just a few seconds, there is a solution that is less magical, but just as effective!  

Writing with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) is a possible way of producing texts quickly. All you need to do is write a prompt - in Portuguese, command - on the most suitable AI platform.

However, knowing how to write that command can be a challenge. In this article we'll help you through each of the steps of the promptso you can count on a little of the "magic" of technology in your work.

What is IA Writing?

AI writing software is a generative model used to create written content. This tool works from a prompt, i.e. the user has to enter a command into the machine to determine the parameters of the text.

Some of these factors are the subject of the text, the number of words and the tone of voice. All of these can be previously determined by the user in order to have a final result that meets the needs of the text. 

How to Make an IA Writing Prompt

Writing a command in AI writing software can be a complex task without guidance. This is because the way the prompt is written directly affects what is produced. To help you write effective commands, we've put together three tips.

Writing Prompts with Clear Parameters

If the command is "write a text about cars", the AI newsroom doesn't have enough determining factors to produce something that meets the user's needs. 

Most likely, the AI will construct a text with a number of words that is similar to the content it can find in your database, dealing with the subject in general terms. 

On the other hand, if the prompt is "Write a text about cars, emphasizing the development of automobiles during the industrial revolution. Write a text of up to a thousand words and keep the paragraphs to a similar number of words".

Now the result is sure to be something much closer to what the user needs. So the clearer the command construction, the better the results.

Fix Sentence and Spelling Errors

When using AI writing, mistakes in commands can go unnoticed, resulting in errors being incorporated into the final product. Attention to detail is crucial to avoid mistakes that could alter the meaning of the command and confuse the machine.

Consider the following example: A user writes a command that asks for a 500-word text, but at the same time asks for ten 100-word paragraphs. 

It doesn't add up. In the first part of the promptthe length of the text is up to 500 words. However, in the second part, the total number of words is up to a thousand. When analyzing the information, there is a problem with the meaning. This will affect the final result.

Another type of mistake is spelling. Words like vem and veem may seem to have the same meaning, but they are completely different. While "vêm" is an inflection of the verb vir, "veem" is an inflection of the verb ver. This mistake can affect the way your IA essay works. 

Test and Experiment 

Each user has a different need with IA copywriting software. Some need to produce ads for social networks, others need articles for blogs and various other text formats. Therefore, each format requires special prompt.

It is therefore important to test until you achieve the desired result. Select words and other synonyms systematically to see which one works. Then change the order of the words and observe which order was most effective in producing the text. 

Finally, save your progress. Don't discard any options and make a note of what each one generated. With this record, you have a clear view of what the AI newsroom has achieved and which command is best suited to its purpose. 

Which AI Writing Platform to Use

There are several AI writing platforms, but two stand out. 


ChatGPT is a generative text model in the format of a chatbot. Developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, it quickly went viral on social media.

One of the advantages of ChatGPT is precisely its conversational format, which provides a more intuitive user experience. Consequently, it's easier for users to feel at ease using the model. 

Tess AI

Tess AI is a platform that integrates several artificial intelligence models at the same time, including ChatGPT-4o, Stable Diffusion 3, DALL-E 3, among others, making it possible to produce texts in various formats and for various purposes, such as for social networks, sales, briefings, transcripts, among others. 

Consequently, this is one of Tess AI's greatest advantages. As the platform has several AI copywriting templates gathered together, the user can choose the most suitable one for the desired text format and get a targeted result. 

In addition, Tess AI has an exclusive customization tool, where you can create and personalize templates to obtain results that meet your demands. Access it for free!


In this article you learned a little more about what AI copywriting is and how to write prompts prompts for your work routine. Finally, you compared two generative artificial intelligence platforms and found out which one Pareto recommends.

To continue learning about the innovations that will shape the job market in the coming years, follow the Pareto blog. Every week we bring you new articles with the latest technology news.

See you next time!

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