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6 Features for Task Management with Marketing Board

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In this article, see how's Marketing Board makes it easier to manage your digital marketing tasks.

Did you know that Pareto's Marketing Board has several advantages over other tools (such as Trello)?

Come with us and discover incredible possibilities of use to help you on a daily basis:

Advantages Marketing Board

1. You can manage the priority of tasks and even filter out only the most important ones.


2. You can manage your entire agenda directly on the Marketing Board. When you create a new task, you'll instantly see a brief summary of how many tasks there are to be done over the next few days!


3. You have a summary of all the activities done, oriented from the date of completion. Other tools don't classify your completed activities according to date. Let's face it, for any company looking for productivity, this view makes all the difference!


4. For each activity you complete, we'll update the Leaderboard. This way, your whole team can compete to be the MVP of the day, week, month and quarter.


5. The software works with what we call Pareto Mood. If your activities are up to date, the Marketing Board header will turn green, as in the image below.


Now, if you start delaying tasks... see for yourself.


6. Have you ever thought about measuring your productivity? In addition to all this, inside the cards, in the top left-hand corner, there's a timer that will help you a lot with this objective. All you have to do is play it and start doing the task. Just don't forget to pause it when you've finished!


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