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Facebook Advertising Policies

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When creating artwork for Facebook ads, it's important to pay attention to the advertising policies. This way, you can request or produce banners that are suitable for publication without any problems! If your banners violate any of these policies, your ads may be rejected or restricted (i.e. they will be shown less frequently and will harm your company's publicity).

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Before ads are run on Facebook or Instagram, they are analyzed to ensure that they follow the Advertising Policies. Normally, most ads are analyzed within 24 hours. If the ad is disapproved, you can edit it to correct the errors or contest the disapproval if you believe it hasn't violated the rules. So let's not mess around! Check out this summary of the main policies we've put together for you! If you want to see the full report on Facebook's advertising rules, just click on this link.

  • Facebook Community Standards: Ads may not contain verbal or visual language that violates standards such as: safety, equality and voice for all. This includes topics such as violence, objectionable content, hate speech, and violations of intellectual property rights. You cannot use third-party trademarks in your ads.
  • Illegal Products or Services: in addition to illegal products, we should also be careful about advertising products or services to segments that include minors, as Facebook may interpret this as "exerting pressure" on this group.
  • Sensational content: images or videos with shocking content or that could be interpreted as disrespectful are not allowed.
  • Personal Attributes: this is a policy that causes a lot of disapproval. Ads must not include content that suggests personal attributes. This includes direct or indirect statements or suggestions regarding race, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, medical conditions, financial situation, criminal record. The ad cannot "talk down" to the person by saying that they fit into a certain category, as this could be considered discriminatory.

Example: "Want to pay off your debts? Click here."

This ad would be frowned upon, as it induces the user to be in debt, and discriminates against their financial situation.


  • Landing pages that don't work or contain malware: The experience that the consumer will have on the landing page is checked and analyzed by Facebook. The page must be working properly, and must not contain any malicious software that would impair the user's browsing experience. The landing page must also not contain content that is disturbing or unrelated to the ad.
  • Non-existent functionality: For example, if your image contains a drawing of a button or a mouse cursor, which are not clickable, Facebook may disapprove your ad. Although it may seem subtle, we have had cases of disapproval for this reason.
  • Personal health: This is another factor that generates a lot of disapproval. Advertisements must not feature images that contain "before and afters" or improbable results. Advertisements for health, wellness and weight loss products must be aimed at people over the age of 18.

Here are some examples of right and wrong:


1 img: Woman eating lettuce and tomato salad; 2 img: Close standing on a weighing scale

1 img: a woman and a man running on a slope; 2 img: woman with baggy pantsIn addition to these prohibited contents, Facebook contains some restricted contents. This depends on the segmentation chosen and whether or not it complies with the law. Some of them are: alcoholic beverages, dating, online pharmacies, supplements, financial services.

Another important point regarding Facebook ads concerns the amount of text in the images. Facebook restricts the placement of ads that contain a lot of text, so they reach fewer people than they could. This is very detrimental to performance. You don't need to put a lot of text on the images since the ads will already have Text, Title and Description.

That's why it's important to check the amount of text in the image before publishing it; this can be done through the Facebook platform.

These were our tips for making sure your Facebook ads perform well and are always approved. =D


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