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7 Strategies for attracting the best leads on Black Friday

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capture the best leads on Black Friday


Although Black Friday is already a well-established date in the retail calendar, in recent years clients focused on lead generation have also benefited from it. That's why we've put together some tips on how to achieve better results during this period.

The focus of this date should be to significantly increase your lead base in a short space of time. By offering interesting opportunities to your target audience, working on the best approach and targeting your ads to those who have the greatest potential for conversion, this task becomes easier!

Here are our tips for planning your Black Friday.

Adapt Communication to the Audience

In the digital world, we know that there are different audiences in terms of brand awareness. This means that audience A, for example, has only had contact with the brand once. Audience B, on the other hand, is familiar with the brand, but needs some encouragement to become a customer.

That's why communication, creative and copy need to be different for each type of audience. In other words, the way you communicate with the person who has had contact with the brand for the first time must be different from the person who already knows it, but needs a different effort to finally become a consumer of the brand. 

One tip you can take advantage of is to offer an extra benefit to those who are about to become your customers. This could be the determining factor in their conversion.

Be clear in your offers and offer extra benefits

More than ever, on Black Friday your offer needs to be explicit. Not only that, but the customer must perceive it differently from the benefits traditionally offered.

For example, a customer in the education sector who normally offers a discount on the first monthly fee, can offer a higher percentage discount during Black Friday, as well as free teaching materials.

Create a Landing Page for BF

Having an LP dedicated to this date is a strategy that also helps your users perceive Black Friday as an unmissable opportunity. Prepare an LP that, as well as showing the benefits and differentials of your business, places great emphasis on the offer and the scarcity involved in this Black Friday period.

Reactivate Old Bases

Competition for the public's attention on Black Friday is greater than at any other time of the year. You therefore need to be as assertive as possible when defining your audience. For this reason, one tip is to reactivate remarketing lists during this period. Here are some examples you can use during this period:

- Those who accessed the Home Page but didn't fill in a form
- Users with a session time of more than 30 seconds (the time itself should vary according to your site's history)
- Email lists of former customers

Focus on Content

During Black Friday, you can also increase your base by providing content (ebooks, webinars). Even if your business can somehow help large retailers during Black Friday (by offering a relevant service), why not make content on the subject?

For example, a client that offers a CRM for financial management can prepare content with tips on how to calculate the ideal promotions for Black Friday without this affecting the financial health of the business.

In this period, your content will be more relevant the more it relates to the date. Also take the opportunity to boost your blog's organic content with posts related to the theme.

Create a Close Relationship with Your Customer

There's nothing better than a satisfied customer to introduce your product to potential clients. That's why Black Friday can be a great time to strengthen your relationship with your customers and increase your lead base.

A classic example is the strategy used by delivery apps. Each user has their own discount coupon, and when another user signs up with that coupon, they both get a discount.

Run instant lead campaigns (Lead Ads)

Lead Ads campaigns (forms filled in on the ad platform itself) stand out because they make it easy for the user to fill in the lead without having to leave the ad platform.

That's why this is a good strategy for increasing your lead base during this period, as it has a cheaper conversion cost than filling the lead directly on a website. You can use this strategy in combination with others mentioned above, such as offering content during this period.


These were some tips for planning Black Friday to increase the volume of leads for your company. Check out some other articles we've prepared on the subject:

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