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5 Tips to Reduce Boleto Breaks in E-commerce

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Bill of Exchange Breach in E-commerce

Payment by Boleto vs. Card

One of the major challenges of Black Friday is the percentage of unpaid boletos, the volume of which tends to double on the date.

We know how important it is to accept boleto bancário in your e-commerce. As well as being the favorite option for some of our more wary customers, this form of payment tends to increase your reach, since around one third of the Brazilian population over the age of 16 does not have a bank account.

However, although there are many reasons for consumers to opt for the boleto bancário, the store is susceptible to non-payment of the boleto generated.

According to data from our software, which manages more than R$1 billion in e-commerce revenue per month, the rate of unpaid boletos tends to double on Black Friday. In other words, if your store has a general boleto shortfall of 30%, on Black Friday it could reach 60%.

Tips for Avoiding Unpaid Boletos

And how can you plan to reduce this gap between revenue collected and revenue invoiced? We've put together some tips to help you avoid unpaid bills, which is crucial, especially for small businesses.

1. Card payment advantage

It's very common to find advantages for paying in cash with a boleto. Try bringing this advantage to your card. Instead of 5% on the Boleto, offer 5% on the credit card.

Another interesting option is to give your customer a voucher for their next purchase. For example: if the customer chooses to pay by card, they get a voucher for R$20 or free shipping on their next purchase. As well as encouraging card payments, this strategy encourages repurchase.

2. Accepting Two Cards

One of the main reasons for using boleto - especially on Black Friday - is the lack of credit card limit. By accepting payment on more than one card, you motivate customers to buy at the moment. Since they can choose to split the purchase amount between their cards without going over their limit.

3. Diversify Payment Methods

Accept as many payment methods as you can: debit card, cashback partners, PicPay... More than diversifying your options, these partners have an established name in the market, bringing credibility to your store. This helps to avoid another reason for opting for boleto: lack of trust in the store.

4. Remember the Boleto

The truth is that many people forget to pay their boleto. For this reason, it's important to make at least one contact, reminding them that the boleto is still pending payment. This could be by email, SMS or even WhatsApp. Ah, remember to always be friendly in this reminder - after all, you don't want the customer to feel intimidated into paying.

5. Salary

The fifth tip is: keep the expiration date of your boleto to a minimum, ideally one working day. That way you'll still have the element of impulse buying, giving the customer a smaller window to back out of the purchase.

However, if they don't pay the boleto, be sure to contact them, giving them the option of generating a new boleto or even changing the payment method.


Remember: these are just a few possibilities for your online store, which can be applied both inside and outside of Black Friday. Regardless of whether you use them, it's very important to monitor your dropout rate, even across different sales channels.

If you still don't know which channels bring you the best return on investment, don't worry, there's still time! Visit and find out more about our dashboard services.

Don't forget to visit our section with all the articles on Black Friday!

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