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How to Reach People Nearby with Waze Ads?

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waze ads: image of a cell phone inside the car with the waze app open on the screen displaying an ad

Within the paid media universe there are already traditional and consolidated channels, such as Meta Ads and Google Ads, which allow you to reach the right people and expand your business.

However, other platforms are also relevant to marketing strategies because they allow you to reach new audiences at different times, such as Waze Ads.

Waze has more than 130 million monthly active users, is available in 185 countries and in 54 languages, making it the world's largest community-based navigation app!

With Waze Ads you can reach people when they are close to the location of your business or your client. Read on and find out how to use Waze Ads to boost your results.

How do Waze Ads work?

Waze is an application founded in 2009 that shows drivers the best routes, traffic and road conditions, following the movement of the road in real time. What's more, it's easy and intuitive to use.

Waze Ads is the Waze channel that allows you to create ads. Through it you can create geolocated ads that will appear on the application screen while you are using the application.

There are currently 4 possible ad formats that can be used on the platform, and we'll show you each of them below:


This format is similar to a store sign, it informs and reminds users that your company is on or near their route.

Drivers can see up to 4 Pins at a time, indicating nearby businesses along their route. As the user zooms in and out, different Pins can be displayed based on the coverage area.

The pins presented to drivers are determined on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Segmentation: Day-parting is common, other segmentation can limit reach and frequency;
  • Budget: the algorithm ensures that the necessary prints are delivered to all locations;
  • Context: ads are optimized for times when clicks are most likely to occur.

The standard radius for this ad format is 10 km (the maximum varies according to the CTA) and the recommended CTAs are "Drive there", "Save the location" and "Remind me".

waze ads: image of two cell phones with a map on the screen


This format allows your company to be remembered when users search for a company similar to yours. As most navigation on Waze begins with a user's search, search ads ensure that your company is always featured.

The search listing reveals your creative with more information about the location and with just one more tap, the app starts a route to the location.

Ads in search formats include:

  • Autofill: results suggested after a user enters 3 letters;
  • Row search: results triggered after a user clicks on "search";
  • Category search: results triggered after the user clicks on "search" by clicking on a category button;
  • Keys to search visibility: relevance (search terms), proximity (locations closest to the user), advertiser (advertised locations are prioritized), Pin spent per location (search ranking depends on investment in the Pin).

waze ads: image of two cell phones with on-screen store search information


This ad format works like a digital billboard. When a user is completely stationary for at least four seconds, a Takeover can appear on the application screen and remain there for up to 20 seconds or until the user starts moving again.

The standard radius of this ad format is 10 km, the maximum varies according to the CTA. The standard frequency limit is 2 per day, 4 per week and the recommended CTAs are "Drive there", "Save for later" and "Save the offer".

waze ads: image of two cell phones with a map on the screen


Arrow ads tell users that your company is nearby, helping to increase the association between your company and the route.

When the user opens Waze, an arrow can appear pointing to their nearby location off-screen. With a tap, the arrow moves the user's view to the advertised location and automatically reveals the ad creative with a CTA to encourage action in real time.

The characteristics of this ad format are:

  • Exclusivity: one arrow per session, displayed only at the start of the user's journey;
  • Time: the ad is shown for a maximum of two minutes while the user is completely still;
  • Range: a radius determines how far a user can be from their location to qualify.

The standard Arrow ad radius is 1km (maximum 5km) and the recommended CTAs are "Drive there" and "Save the location".

waze ads: image of two cell phones with a map on the screen

What Marketing Objectives Can Be Achieved with Waze?

With Waze Ads you can participate in your customer's journey using 3 campaign objectives:

  • Generate Recognition: The ads in the app help the process of recognition of your brand by users during the route they are taking;
  • Increase Consideration: With ads on Waze you can reach customers at relevant times when they are in the car;
  • Increase Sales: You can also increase your sales with promotional actions that are interesting for your customers.

How to Advertise on Waze Ads?

  1. Visit the Waze Ads and click on the "Getting Started" button;
  2. Create an account on the platform;
  3. Now it's time to set up your company details. It's important to fill in details such as address, category and payment details;
  4. Once you've done that, you're ready to run your first ads on the platform. It's important to pay attention to the campaign settings and choose the targeting that makes the most sense for your company.

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10 Facts to Read Before Advertising on Waze

Before you start advertising on Waze Ads, it's important to be aware of a few points. We'll talk about each of them below:

1. Waze turns Places into Destinations

Waze is capable of influencing consumer decisions because it participates in the user's pre-consumption moments while they are on the move. With the platform, it is possible to highlight stores and services on the drivers' route.

So your business can just be on the user's path, or it can be a Pin and become a final destination.

2. More than half of shipping is linked to consumption

Most navigation on Waze is to shopping malls, high street stores, markets, petrol stations, shopping centers, etc.

If we add this to the fact that around 90% of Brazilian retail sales are offline, it's clear that the platform can be a great ally for your business.

 3. Over 16 Million Brazilian Drivers on Waze

Waze is a navigation app that was created to help users get around traffic - and it does it very well. So well that, in Brazil alone, there are 16 million monthly active users, who drive an average of almost two hours a day.

4. There's More Than One Way to Advertise on Waze

There are different formats that address different needs for your brand, whether it's making it better known or bringing more people to your establishment.

In this respect, Waze can be a differentiator when opening points of sale, or even to gain relevance and market share in the region.

5. The Pin is the Digital Facade of your Business

Advertising with the Pin format provides more than just visibility of your business on the map, but also the possibility of navigating to the location.

When we create a Pin campaign, your business is enabled as a sponsor in the app's searches, highlighting your company among people interested in your service.

6. The Takeover Is Your Digital Billboard

With the Takeover format, you can include a banner around specific locations. And why is it better than a billboard? Very simple: your banner won't get damaged by the rain, right?

But much more than that, you'll be able to know exactly how many people have been impacted and engaged with your ad. The Takeover only appears when the driver is stationary, thus guaranteeing visibility for your brand.

7. Is It Possible to Highlight Drive-Thru or Store Pickup

This feature was created in the context of the pandemic, but it is here to stay.

With Location Personalities, the user identifies where there is a Drive Thru or pick-up service, with exclusive icons that further highlight the convenience of your service.

Even better, the function promotes an average 35% increase in ad engagement.

8. Is it Possible to Measure Navigation and Engagement Results

Unlike regular investment in traditional media, it is possible to metricate the results of Waze.

You'll know how many people have interacted with each of your ads. Among the main metrics tracked are clicks and direct navigations.

9. Advertising on Waze Increases Navigations to Your Location by 36%

Waze Ads customers have an average of 36% more visits than businesses without ads. In addition, the platform increases brand recall by up to 69%.

10. Pareto Specializes in Waze Ads

We have a specialized team to give you all the strategic support you need to include Waze in your media plan! With us you have access to the best market practices, creative consultancy and results monitoring.

Banner with the phrase maximize your conversions with A.I.

Businesses of all sizes advertise on Waze to connect directly with consumers while they are on the move, thus generating visibility and turning establishments into destinations.

With exclusive driver-focused targeting and real-time tracking features, Waze Ads has the power to reach consumers in the different contexts of their journeys.

If you work with Geomarketing strategies and have not yet invested in this channel to publicize your establishment, please contact us.

A Pareto is a partner of Waze and has the expertise to manage your ads precisely, thus optimizing results. In addition to this partnership, Pareto also works with Intelligent Automations for more than 15,000 companies.

Request a free demoJoin thousands of companies around the world and take your marketing team to the next level.

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