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PromptBase, the Prompts Marketplace

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Challenges of Creating Prompts

Creating prompts manually for generative AI, whether for text or images, presents clear and concrete difficulties that can significantly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. Here are the reasons in a nutshell:

  1. Technological complexity: Requires in-depth knowledge of AI technology. Algorithms require specific and precise instructions, which becomes an obstacle for those who don't have a specialization in the area.
  2. Linguistic Accuracy Requirement: The language used in prompts needs to be absolutely clear and precise. Ambiguities or inaccuracies result in unwanted or irrelevant content, compromising the final quality of the product generated by the AI.
  3. Need for Creativity and Innovation: Developing effective prompts requires a high level of constant creativity and innovative thinking, which can be stressful and challenging over time.
  4. Time-consuming: The process is often time-consuming, especially when it takes several attempts and adjustments to achieve the ideal prompt, leading to a significant investment of time and effort.
  5. Continuous Adaptation: Prompts need to be continuously updated to align with evolutions in AI technologies. This requires a constant commitment to learning and adaptation, making the process an ongoing challenge.

Prompts Marketplace

A prompt marketplace represents an incredible solution to the challenges faced in manually creating prompts for generative AI, bringing a number of advantages. Firstly, it brings together experts with in-depth knowledge of AI, allowing users to access high-quality prompts without needing the same level of technical expertise. The diversity and quality of the content available is another strong point, offering a wide range of tried and tested prompts covering a variety of themes and styles. This ensures the relevance and effectiveness of the results generated by AI.

In addition, the savings in time and effort are a notable benefit. Instead of spending hours developing and refining prompts, users can choose from the options available in the marketplace, saving valuable time. The marketplace also adapts quickly to changes and evolutions in AI technologies, ensuring that prompts are always current and effective.

Finally, the collaboration and community aspect cannot be underestimated. A prompt marketplace acts as a collaborative community, where users can share feedback, ideas and best practices. This not only facilitates continuous learning and the development of AI skills, but also promotes a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing. In short, a prompt marketplace for generative AI offers a comprehensive solution that solves the main challenges of manual prompt creation, providing access to high-quality content in an efficient manner that is adaptable to technological innovations.

What is PromptBase?

PromptBase is an online platform that acts as a meeting point for artificial intelligence enthusiasts and content creators. The essence of PromptBase lies in providing a range of "prompts", which are instructions or ideas that guide AI algorithms to generate specific content. This digital marketplace allows users to share, acquire and use these prompts for various creative and commercial purposes.

Benefits of PromptBase

PromptBase offers a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows access to a diverse source of creative content, boosting digital marketing and advertising. In addition, PromptBase can serve as a tool for improving interaction with customers, offering personalized and innovative experiences.

How PromptBase works

The process of participating in PromptBase is straightforward. After creating an account, users can browse the variety of prompts available or submit their own. For marketplaces, this means the possibility of accessing or creating prompts that can be specifically tailored to their needs, helping to create more relevant and engaging content for their audiences.

PromptBase vs Tess AI

When it comes to AI marketplaces, the question arises: which is the best? Not that you have to use just one! Anyone who sells a product on Mercado Libre also sells on Americanas, Amazon, Magalu, Shopee and many others! So if you produce AI content, you can sell it on both Tess AI and PromptBase. In any case, we've produced a good comparison of both marketplaces so that you can evaluate the positive and negative points of each. Let's get to it!

1. user interface


Evaluation: PromptBase has a simple and straightforward interface. It's very easy to navigate, but with a somewhat old-fashioned design. When browsing, you feel like you're using one of those famous directories from the 2000s, such as Template Monster and others. The content creator has very little prominence in PromptBase, nor does the thumbnail show his avatar. In this way, the AIs on the front cover give the impression that they were created by PromptBase, but in fact they are content creators doing all the heavy lifting. On the other hand, PromptBase can classify prompts as Hot, New and Featured.


  • Usability: 10 (Very easy to navigate)
  • Languages: 0 (English only)
  • Design Quality: 5 (old interface and Boxed)
  • Shopping experience: 5 (although it's easy to shop, the site has a lot of menus, which makes it difficult for new users to adapt. It's not quick to find the purchases option, where your purchased prompts are).
  • Total: 5.0 out of 10 (20 points out of 40)

Tess AI

Review: The platform has a very modern design, inspired by popular apps like YouTube. The thumbnails are elegant and display information such as likes and the number of executions of the template immediately. The content creator is highlighted, assigning ownership to each AI. In addition, Stories promote the best AI creators, giving visibility to outstanding work. The AIs are sorted by the volume of RUNs, making it easier to find the most used ones on the platform. Further analysis suggests that it would be beneficial to allow users to organize AIs by likes as well.


  • Usability: 10 (Very intuitive navigation)
  • Language: 10 (Platform available in English, Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Design Quality: 9 (Modern interface, similar in style to YouTube)
  • Buying experience: 10 (AIs purchased are immediately added to your AI center, providing a user-friendly experience)
  • Total: 9.75 out of 10 (39 out of 40 points)

2. Features


Evaluation: Historically, PromptBase was a platform for selling prompts via a form. The creation and testing of prompts was limited to other platforms. Recently, the tool has launched new features aimed at changing this scenario. The user experience, however, is challenging and has received criticism. Being new, the complexity is understandable. It is hoped that the interface will improve over time.


  • Creating AIs: 2.5 (Not very intuitive)
  • Image Generator Quality: 2.5 (Unsatisfactory results, suggesting a possible exclusive connection with Stable Diffusion)
  • Text Generator Quality: 5 (Integration limited to one ChatGPT template, no exchange options)
  • Video Generator Quality: 0 (Video generation is not yet possible on the platform)
  • Versatility: 0 (Restricted AI models, indicating integration with only one API)
  • Total: 2/10 (10 out of 50 points)

Tess AI

Evaluation: In contrast to PromptBase, Tess AI is an innovative platform with integrated Generative AI technology. With over 200 AIs available, the content creator can choose and train the ideal model, testing it in their own Playground. This allows them to change the details of the prompt and see the effects immediately. The platform also offers functions such as Brand Voice, AI Steps and User Inputs, providing customization on a higher level than PromptBase. In terms of functionality, there is a significant difference between the two tools.


  • Creating AIs: 7.5 (Intuitive, but could include more examples)
  • Image Generator Quality: 10 (High quality, with integration with the main generators on the market)
  • Text Generator Quality: 10 (Various templates available, including ChatGPT 3.5 and Llama 70b from Meta)
  • Video Generator Quality: 5 (Limited to interpolation videos, Motion models are missing)
  • Versatility: 10 (Wide variety of models, allowing the creation of different types of artifacts)
  • Total: 8.5/10 (42.5 out of 50 points)

3. Monetization


Evaluation: The platform offers an excellent marketplace for prompts, but that's about it.


  • Monetization of the prompt: 10 (Sale of prompts made easy)
  • Monetization per use: 0 (No monetization per use of the AI, only for the sale of the prompt)
  • External monetization: 0 (No options for private or unlisted mode, making it impossible to sell templates externally)
  • Recurring Monetization: 0 (Does not support recurring payments)
  • Hiring by Companies: 0 (The platform does not have a corporate focus, limiting opportunities for content creators)
  • Total: 2 out of 10 (10 out of 50 points)

Tess AI

Evaluation: The platform goes beyond the simple sale of prompts, allowing the content creator to profit from each use of their AI by the community.


  • Monetization of the prompt: 10 (Simplified sale of prompts)
  • Monetization per use: 10 (Possibility of profit with each RUN, with significant gains)
  • External monetization: 10 (Private and unlisted modes available, allowing external sales)
  • Recurring Monetization: 10 (Supports recurring payments, although limited to a few users at the moment)
  • Hiring by Companies: 10 (Strong corporate presence, facilitating hiring and interactions)
  • Total: 10 out of 10 (50 out of 50 points)


PromptBase, a cutting-edge marketplace for prompts, needs to advance its functionalities to become more attractive in the future of generative AI, especially for content producers. In the final evaluation, PromptBase accumulated 40 out of 140 points, resulting in a final score of 29%. On the other hand, Tess AI stood out in the Marketplace market, offering advanced functionalities and ample freedom in the choice of AIs for building templates. With extra features, Tess AI achieved 131.50 out of 140 points, obtaining a final rating of 94%.

Despite PromptBase's lower score, we encourage all content producers to publicize their work on all available marketplaces in order to strengthen a large and valued Generative AI Community. We hope that PromptBase will renew its platform with more innovative features, allowing for a future re-evaluation with an even higher score!

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