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Jasper AI: Everything You Need to Know!

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Interested in Jasper AI and wondering about its usefulness? We’re here to help! With the growing range of artificial intelligence platforms, careful selection is crucial to avoid wasting your marketing budget when deciding which platform to use.

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the archaeologist faces deadly challenges to find an artifact that can cure any illness, the Holy Grail. His father was shot, and drinking water from this chalice is what will save his life.

Using an analogy with “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” we highlight the importance of making the right choice, just as the character does when seeking the Holy Grail to save his father. Get ready to explore the world of Jasper AI to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform focused on content production. The goal of this tool is to bring together everything you need to operationalize your company’s content marketing in one place.

In other words, the marketing campaigns you need to launch a product or service can be built with the generative AI of Jasper AI. So, as you can imagine, this has a price.

How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

To hire Jasper AI, you need to spend a few dozen dollars. There are two plans – Creator and Pro – with monthly and annual billing options. The cheapest monthly plan costs $49 and the most expensive reaches $69.

Here we need to point out that if you want to use Jasper AI across your entire company, there is the Business plan, with more customizations and features. However, prices are discussed separately with the Jasper AI team.

Is There a Free Version of Jasper AI?

Yes. You can test Jasper AI for seven days and choose between the Creator and Pro plans. Consequently, if you were thinking of using a free plan but with fewer features, this would not be possible.

What Can Jasper AI Help Me Produce?

Jasper AI organizes its range of tools into four axes. Each axis is directed towards an aspect of the business that can benefit from generative AI.

Company Knowledge

The term company knowledge is used to designate the knowledge base that contains information about a company and its business. In Jasper AI, the user can enter this data and use it as a basis for content production.

For example, a user can use Jasper AI to analyze the tone of voice of content that has been produced on other occasions. Or they can make an upload of a guide with the tone of voice and other style specifications that must be followed.

In addition, they can make an upload of documents detailing other marketing strategies, market research, and information such as the mission, vision, and values of the brand.

Team Acceleration

The term team acceleration can be translated as team acceleration. This axis mainly offers ways to automate team planning, speeding up the construction of campaigns, and making this process simpler, without miscommunicated information.

A good example is the content adaptation tool for marketing channels. From a single snippet, the user can unfold the same message to other channels using Jasper AI.

AI-Assisted Content

The part you were waiting for has arrived. Content produced using AI has become one of the great innovations in the market, and Jasper AI has solutions for those who need more volume in generating articles, social media posts, and email marketing.

At Jasper AI, a user can produce content that is aligned with the brand, unfold this message to other channels, and create illustrative or realistic images.

For example, a user can generate a blog article about the benefits of healthy eating and then generate the image to use with the text. It’s a big help!

Analytics & Insights

Being data-driven in today’s market is a necessity. Therefore, Jasper AI has a series of features that will analyze the content produced and offer insights to optimize the text. And, if a user likes, they can apply these suggestions to the content with one click.

Another advantage of Jasper AI is integration with other platforms, so you can publish something directly on WordPress, for example, without needing another tab open in your browser.

And What is the Disadvantage of Jasper AI?

Although it is a platform with many advantages, there are points that should be considered before opting for it. Three deserve a few minutes of your consideration.

1. High Price of Plans: the first point, and the most eye-catching, is the fact that Jasper AI is an expensive platform. The prices are high when thinking about the conversion to the real, so a freelancer or small business owner creates a high expense in their budget.

2. Limitation in Image Generation: the second point is that the options for image generation are more limited and do not include videos. Therefore, if you need a more versatile platform in graphic production, Jasper AI will not meet that need.

3. Constant Need for Review: and the third is the need to review the content produced. Not all topics, particularly those that are technical or highly detailed, are handled in the same way in Jasper AI.

What is the Alternative to Jasper AI?

Certainly, Tess AI, Pareto’s artificial intelligence platform, stands out as a comprehensive solution for generating texts, images in various styles, videos, codes, audio transcriptions, among other solutions.

With over a hundred ready-made templates and the flexibility to create your own models and production processes, Tess AI offers a highly customizable solution.

In this way, it effectively meets your specific needs, offering a robust alternative to Jasper AI.


Now you know everything you need about Jasper AI. In this article, we covered the available tools, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of its use, and introduced the costs associated with acquiring this online service.
Before making any financial decision, we invite you to explore Tess AI and the numerous opportunities it provides for the growth of your company. Access for free!

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