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How to Generate WooComerce XML Feed

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What is WooComerce

WooCommerce is a plugin provided by the platform for websites/blogs created on the WordPress platform.

It's simple, effective and free. What's more, it allows your online store to be built from open source code, available to everyone.

In this article, you'll learn how to generate an XML Feed on the Woocomerce platform. You can then use it to create Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog campaigns.

Generating XML Product Feed

The first step is to install the "Woocommerce Feed Manager" Plugin. See the image below:


Once the Plugin has been installed and enabled, simply click on Pluginsin your WordPress menu:

Select Plugin Feed Managerwhich you have just installed:

Now click on Add New Feed:

In this step, fill in the necessary information and click on the button Save & Generate Feed:

Finally, click on Feed List and copy the Feed URL . This is your site's XML product feed.

That's it! So now you can use this XML feed for Google and Facebook campaigns!

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