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How to use Stories to understand your audience

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Instagram Stories

The digital world is constantly changing, and this means that entrepreneurs are always on top of everything that's happening and constantly updating themselves. And it's no different with social media! In this article, we're going to talk about the importance of connecting your audience with Instagram Stories.

Since its creation, Instagram has undergone several changes. One of them was quite significant: the creation of the Stories format. Today, Stories play a fundamental role for those who want to understand their audience's desires.

So let's find out how?

Getting to Know Your Audience Through Instagram Stories

I imagine you've already voted in an Instagram poll, even if it was unintentionally =) But have you ever thought about how important these polls can be for digital entrepreneurs?

Let's say you have a clothing e-commerce and you're planning a launch. Your fashion designer shows you different clothing models for the new collection, but you're not sure which one your customers would buy the most.

What do you do? Take a chance on which one would be the best, or how about using Stories to find out?

As a good reader of the Pareto blog, I'm sure you'll choose the second option. After all, if we want positive results, we should always be guided by data.

Then check out this tip!

Create a Story with the models you want to test your audience's preference for, and hold a 2×2 battle of looks. As users vote, you'll be able to understand their preferences and you'll be more assertive when it comes to making your launches.

Want a plus? What's more, you'll be able to get closer to your audience - after all, when these pieces start selling, you'll be able to communicate that they were chosen by brand lovers!

Interesting, isn't it? This way, you can be more assertive in your pieces and bring your audience closer to your brand.
We've presented this example, but this strategy is valid for different actions and company profiles, and can be adapted to your brand.

Promotion that really matters

I'm sure your brand has already run a promotion in which your marketing and sales team believed it would "pump up" sales, but the result was not as expected.

Have you ever thought that what is unmissable for you is not always unmissable for your audience? And that's where Stories come in...

A good promotional strategy is to run a poll asking what kind of promotion the public would like. Of course, you'll define some viable options for your company beforehand and let your audience vote on the ones available.

So, by choosing the winning promotion, it's likely that it will perform well, especially with the Instagram audience in mind.


So we've seen how Stories polls can bring you closer to your Instagram audience and allow you to make more assertive choices in terms of products and promotions.

I'm sure you're now talking to your social media team about starting the battle in your company's stories. And don't doubt how much of a positive impact this will have on your business, as organic engagement will also be impacted.

Remember that you can also create polls in ads ads in the Stories format, allowing you to choose the ideal segmentation.

Want to know more about how to improve the performance of your e-commerce? Contact our team and get to know Pareto Ads.

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