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Artificial Intelligence

Main Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Companies

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence: image of three robots

Can you imagine living in an environment where most of the repetitive tasks with high rates of human error were carried out by intelligent software?

This is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence, a technology developed with an intelligence similar to that of a human being. increasingly common and present in the activities of many companies.

However, even if it is similar, Artificial Intelligence does not replace human labor, but adds numerous benefits for companies.

I suggest you grab a coffee and join us to learn about the main benefits that Artificial Intelligence can bring to the corporate world.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science focused on building software capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence.

One of its characteristics is the ability to rationalize and carry out actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. Among its applications are language processing or computer vision and speech recognition.

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9 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Companies

Check out the main benefits of Artificial Intelligence for companies that give them a competitive edge in the market by optimizing time and helping to speed up the digital transformation process.

1. Increasing Business Automation

It's true that even before the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we were already aware that certain activities were quite repetitive.

Just to illustrate, imagine the advent of the production line, with workers performing exactly the same tasks throughout their working day. The movie Modern Times, with Charlie Chaplin, is a great example.

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, automation has become one of the most mentioned advantages in business and has had a considerable impact on the telecommunications, transportation, consumer goods and services sectors.

It was also found that 40% of consumers prefer self-service, while 70% of customers expect organizations to provide self-service in their services, according to Dimension Data.

2. Reducing operating costs

All the activities carried out in a company involve costs, and many of them high costs.

However, when we look at the panorama of operational activities carried out by employees, we see a high volume of time spent on tasks that demand a lot of time, even though they are necessary.

However, if we compare the investment in Artificial Intelligence with the annual costs of carrying out those repetitive tasks, for example, we can see huge savings for the organization. 

This is because, in addition to reducing operating costs, Artificial Intelligence also provides long-term savings and scalability opportunities for the company. for the company.

3. More efficient service

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows exactly what an immense challenge it is to solve incoming problems without making the customer wait too long.

Often, when receiving a request, the employee needs to access various fields to find the cause of the problem and find the solution the customer needs.

Not to mention that if you do this several times a day, at the end of the day that employee will no longer be as agile as they were at the start of the day. 

When Artificial Intelligence is programmed and connected to all systems, the customer's problem is solved more quickly and the efficiency of the service becomes evident.

An increasingly popular solution for companies is the use of chatbots for customer service.  

Through them, many of the users' queries can be programmed into the automation and help to resolve many of the demands without the need to reach a "human" attendant.

4. More Convenience for Employees

Whether at home or at work, everyone is always looking for something more comfortable for their routine and that makes life easier in many ways.

The time saved on manual and tiring tasks can be used in other, more productive and strategic ways.

When a company adopts Artificial Intelligence in its daily routine, it provides more convenience for its employees, allowing them to carry out other, more strategic tasks.

In this way, the feeling is that their work is actually adding value to the company, and provides a feeling of greater productivity and engagement.

But that's not all. Artificial Intelligence will also help the overall functioning of that organization, since many of the processes become more agile and the company becomes more efficient. 

5. Reducing failures and rework

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, human errors are reduced, since a software robot that is not impacted by the exhaustion of an activity and is not affected by information overload.

A professional, no matter how good they are, will always be subject to failure. Some things can contribute to failures, such as workload and day-to-day challenges.

Depending on how their working day went, when they get to the end of it they may not have the same attention as before. This can lead to operational failures and unnecessary rework.

Another issue is the limitation of analysis itself. When compared to a robot, which analyzes thousands of data points per second, a human human is less capable of making decisions that require a great deal of data analysis.

6. Faster responses

Artificial Intelligence helps to make better decisions, thus optimizing response times.

This is because technology can organize data distribution, evaluate trends, create data consistency, offer forecasts and quantify uncertainties.

A real dream for the vast majority of companies to keep their customers satisfied and their problems solved.

As well as delivering faster responses, the use of A.I. helps to solve problems that the robot has been programmed to do.

As we mentioned earlier, Chatbots are the best example of a solution developed to provide faster responses with Artificial Intelligence.

 The big digital banks are major users of this type of solution, which is increasingly present in all types of business.

7. More personalized content

When a company has Artificial Intelligence on its side, personalization becomes simpler. 

For example, when entering a Help Center, the customer can search for a specific subject and find various fields at their disposal, such as articles related to that topic or even other fields that make it easier to solve their problem.

Another example is the ability to offer personalized offers to customers who are looking for a certain type of product, or to know when to re-offer an item that has already sold out, when it comes to recurring consumption.

8. Improved Customer Experience

When you have Artificial Intelligence working for the growth of the organization, the chances of offering a good customer experience are much greater.

Human beings need breaks and time off to balance their professional and personal lives. But A.I. can work infinitely without breaks.

Robots think much faster than humans and perform several tasks at once with precise results. They can even easily handle tedious repetitive jobs with the help of algorithms.

This guarantees the best customer experience. All of these Artificial Intelligence applications mentioned above can provide better contact with your customers, enabling them to build loyalty and promote referrals.

9. Optimizing Communication

We've already seen that Artificial Intelligence can save employees time by carrying out operational activities that are quite repetitive and increasing the productivity of the company as a whole.

One of the aspects that brings this about is the optimization of communication between the client and the company. 

With the use of automation, it is possible to resolve any extra demands that may arise in a practical, fast and efficient manner, and even more so, with savings in communication.

This is optimized both for the organization's employees, facilitating internal communication and access to information, as well as for the customer.

The role that Artificial Intelligence plays in the digital transformation and scalability of many companies is impressive.

Its use can not only save time and money in the medium and long term, but also increase the productivity of employees and the organization as a whole.

Now that you know the main benefits of Artificial Intelligence for companies, take a look at our article on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Boost Marketing and Sales Results.

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