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How to Add Products on Instagram

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Continuing with the settings of the Shopping function on Instagram, we're going to explore how to add your business's Products to your Instagram Shop in this article.

Before continuing with this tutorial, it is important that you have already configured the Instagram Shopping feature for your business. To find out more about how to do this, visit the article Pareto to find out more!

After setting up Instagram Shopping, we can move on to adding Products. This step-by-step must be carried out via your Facebook Business Catalog.

Step 1/3

Select "Shopping on Instagram" among the Ways to use your catalog on the home page:

Step 2/3

Select the "Add your products" option.

Step 3/3

Select your preferred way of adding products. There are two different ways to complete this step: using a Product Feed or Adding Products Manually.

Let's take a look at these options next.

Option 1 - Use a Product Feed

First, select the "Use Data Feeds" option.

To load a data feed file, you must define it:

  • Name for the data feed;
  • Standard currency for the price of the products listed;
  • And a data feed file.

The data feed file can be:

  1. URL with your site's updated data: 

It usually has extensions such as .xml or .csv. It is especially useful when product and stock information changes frequently. In this way, a feed search schedule is defined, which will identify any changes to the products and update them in the feed.

To find out how to add a product XML to the Facebook Catalog, follow the instructions in the article at this link.

  1. File uploaded manually:

It is often used when product information is rarely changed. In this case, the file will not be updated automatically when there is a change to the item (such as it being out of stock).

Once you've finished the settings, just confirm everything you've done by clicking on "Start Upload".

To complete option 1, via URL, you need to check the Status of the data source.

If the Update status of the chosen data source shows errors (see screenshot below), you should check the problems encountered by the Catalog in loading your products and correct them as soon as possible to ensure that they are displayed:

Option 2 - Add products manually

In this case, select the "Add Manually" option.

For each manually configured product, you must define the following:

  • Product image;
  • Product name;
  • Product description;
  • Product link on the website; and
  • Product price.

This option is much more labor-intensive because it requires manual completion and updating, which is why it is not recommended. Especially for businesses with more than 50 products.

Think that each item and its details such as price, photo, identification, availability, URL will have to be included manually. That's why we always recommend loading by URL.


Done! Once you've completed the steps above, your product settings on Instagram will be complete.

As recommended by Pareto, use a URL feed to make it easier to update product data!

This way, your company will be able to run all of them on your Instagram Shop. And take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this digital marketing platform!

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