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Tess AI: the world’s biggest AIs in one place

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Digital transformation is boosting business around the world, the use of artificial intelligence has become essential for companies to remain competitive.

But in practice, how do you keep up with the fast pace of innovations and use the best tools securely?

The Tess AI emerges as the solution to this challenge, connecting you to the world’s leading AIs in one place, providing a true 360º experience of digital transformation and productivity.

With just a few clicks, marketing teams, operations, technology, and other areas can save hours of work and increase their efficiency.

Meet Tess AI: Pareto’s AI Orchestrator

Tess AI 🧑‍🚀 is the first generative artificial intelligence that connects you to the world’s largest AIs, and its purpose is clear: to give time back to millions of people and businesses through AI and automation.

Based on renowned pre-trained models like OpenAI’s GPT-3 turbo and GPT-4 turbo, MidJourney, Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion,, Ada, LIama, and Tess AI’s exclusive models, owned by Pareto, the platform is trained on comprehensive datasets.

The platform is prepared to quickly perform routine tasks in various areas such as Marketing, Sales, Design, Programming, Human Resources, and much more.

The process is simple, and all you need to do is provide a topic or idea of what you would like to produce, and our AI-based generator will take care of everything else.

See a preview of what Tess AI can generate from a simple command:

ia para criar imagens: imagem impressionista de um gato cinza com olhos azuis e borboletas azuis ao redor

Discover how the Tess AI Platform can boost your business. Sign up for free and be part of this technological revolution!

6 Benefits of Using Tess AI in Your Daily Life

Check out the following significant benefits that only an AI orchestrator platform can offer.

1. Easy Access

By using Tess AI, which brings together the leading AIs in the market, you have easy and quick access to a variety of advanced technologies.

Instead of searching for and integrating each AI tool individually, the centralized platform allows you to explore and use multiple solutions with just a few clicks.

2. Efficiency and Productivity

By having all AI tools in one place, you save time and effort. There’s no need to switch between different platforms or learn various interfaces and functionalities.

The platform’s unified and intuitive interface simplifies the process of using different AIs, increasing teams’ efficiency and productivity.

3. Network Effect

A platform that connects the major AI tools creates a powerful network effect. This means that each update or improvement in one of the AIs available on the platform benefits all others.

Thus, you benefit from the continuous development and technological advancement of AI tools, leveraging constant improvements without the need to seek and integrate new solutions separately.

4. Greater Innovation Capacity

Access to various AI tools enables the creation of innovative and customized solutions.

With a wide range of resources and functionalities available, companies have the freedom to explore different approaches and combinations of technologies to meet their specific needs. This drives innovation capacity and differentiation in the market.

5. Integration with Other Platforms

The Tess AI Platform also offers integration with a wide variety of other professional platforms and applications.

This allows for automating processes, exchanging data, and insights with tools already used by the company, such as CRMs, ERPs, and dashboards.

Integration facilitates data collection and analysis, providing a more comprehensive and intelligent view of the business.

6. Technical Support and Continuous Updates

The team behind the Tess AI Platform is dedicated to keeping integrations running smoothly and constantly enhancing the user experience.

This ensures that you are always up to date with the latest technologies and resources available in the market.

Banner da plataforma Tess AI

Exclusive Features of Tess AI

  • Access to Major AIs in the Market: with the Tess AI Platform, you have direct access to the world’s leading AIs in one place;
  • +100 Amazing Tess Modules: the platform features various modules trained and ready to perform day-to-day functions with different AIs;
  • Create and Publish Your Own AIs: you can solve personal and professional problems;
  • Easy Export: enables export of content generated through AI, such as plain text, PDF, Word, or HTML;
  • Integration with Other Platforms: integration with over 600 platforms, allowing data and Big Data automations;
  • #TimeBack Experience: allows you to monitor every hour of life saved with Tess AI on an advanced panel designed to facilitate the entire process;
  • Affiliate System: you can invite friends to use the platform and earn commissions from their first purchase;
  • Humanized Support: you have incredible support from the Pareto team to help you through tickets.

5 Use Cases of Tess AI Platform

Discover some use cases of Tess and how they apply to solve and streamline your tasks!

1. Image Generation

Having trouble creating amazing images for your projects? With AI, you can generate images in a variety of styles for various applications. Just add prompts that specify what you want, and in a matter of seconds, they will be ready to download. Check out some models below!

Tess AI Platform: mosaic of images generated by Tess AI

Discover the unlimited potential of the world’s greatest artificial intelligences and take your experience to unprecedented levels! Enjoy up to 150 free images for experimentation. Sign up now and gain access to image creation and various other features of the Tess AI Platform.

2. Briefing for Blog Article

Use Tess AI to create SEO briefing for Blog articles. Artificial Intelligence identifies the main topics to be covered in the article and creates a complete briefing structure.

The briefing is ready in seconds and perfect for guiding content production with meta title, description, word count, audience, keywords, CTA, internal linking, and content references.

3. Audience Suggestions for LinkedIn Ads

Create audience suggestions for your LinkedIn Ads campaigns with Tess AI intelligence, obtaining valuable insights to target your campaigns based on audience characteristics and behavior.

4. Text Ads for Google Ads

Create ads for your Google campaigns in seconds by providing business name, product name, URL, description, benefits and CTA.

5. Titles for Promotional Emails

Improve your email open rate with email marketing title suggestions generated on the platform.

Tess AI identifies email content from a specific URL and creates multiple subject options based on collected inputs such as audience, objective, keyword, language, creativity level, and tone of voice.

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