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Everything about Bard, Google’s AI

By February 19, 2024No Comments

If you’re familiar with Google’s tools, it’s likely you’ve already heard of Bard.

The bard is an emblematic figure for those involved in role-playing games (RPG) or who enjoy medieval narratives. Traditionally associated with musical and vocal skills, the bard plays a vital role in creating poetry that celebrates the exploits of kings, knights, and heroes.

In this context, Google innovates by launching Bard, a tool powered by artificial intelligence. Now, textual creation no longer requires just paper and ink, but a touch of AI to open new frontiers in creative expression.

To help you get to know this novelty, in this article we will explain:

  • What Bard is;
  • How AI works;
  • What functionalities are available;
  • The distinctions between Bard and other AIs.

What is Bard? 

Google describes Bard in the following way:

“Bard is a new tool that explores creative ideas and explains everything in a simple way. It’s a Google AI experiment that generates text, translates languages, writes different types of creative content, and much more”.

In other words, Bard is a generative AI that produces texts from a command determined by the user. For example:

  • Write a poem for Valentine’s Day
  • Create an article about fashion trends
  • Explain the lifecycle of a whale

Like other language models, Bard also learns from user actions and is in a constant process of improvement. Therefore, it is not immune to generating inaccurate information.

Can I Use Bard for Free?

Certainly! To take advantage of Bard, just have a Google account to access the platform. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it directly on the platform and start generating your texts immediately.

Check out a quick guide to using Google Bard in Brazil:

  1. Access and click on “Sign in”;
  2. Sign in with your Google account;
  3. Accept the Privacy Terms, which include data collection information;
  4. Click on “Agree” if you agree with the terms;
  5. You will be redirected to Bard; click on “Continue” to accept its experimental state;
  6. Use Bard as a searcher by typing your questions to get conversational format answers.

What Tasks Can I Perform with Bard?

In addition to constructing a text from a prompt, Bard can also help a user in various tasks that can be long and tedious. In this article, we will mention five of them that are truly helpful.

Writing Emails

When you open your inbox and see that “+99” and, even though you respond to emails, can’t manage to attend to everyone? Writing emails can be a task that consumes a lot of time and can delay deliveries of important demands.

But what if there

was a way to make it simpler and faster? With Bard, it’s possible.

Write the following command: “Write a reply to the email below stating that the deadline for delivery of the demand is five working days” and copy and paste the email you received.
Bard will draft a response that you can also copy and paste into your email and send. But be aware that Bard cannot send it for security reasons.

Summarizing Content

Content producers need to read several articles and other materials to write texts that are technically correct. However, reading articles with hundreds of pages can delay the completion of the task by several hours.

With Bard, it’s possible to write a prompt where the AI will read the text for you and summarize the content in topics that can be worked on more quickly. Easy and practical.

Thinking of Ideas

Does it seem like some days your head doesn’t work? No matter how much you try, ideas simply don’t make it to paper? This happens to everyone, but it’s necessary to have an outlet for these creative blocks.

By using Bard, you can write commands like:

  • What topics in the sports theme can I write a blog article about?
  • I need to create a course on paid media campaigns. Where to start?
  • I have to make a 1-minute video about veganism, what could be the script?

Thus, AI can help you unlock your ideas, produce something original, and meet your needs.

Analyzing and Organizing Data

In a market that is data-driven, it’s necessary to use data as a way to make decisions. Therefore, Bard offers tools that can analyze data and perform operations like:

  • Presenting data in simple language;
  • Summarizing insights on data;
  • Finding patterns and trends;
  • Pointing out highest or lowest values.

With the help of Bard, you can create prompts that structure the invitations for meetings. But, remember to make clear who the participants are, the date, time, and agenda. Sometimes there may be errors, so give it another look before sending the invitation.

Does Bard Produce Images?

This tool is still under development, but what you can do is a search using Bard. By typing the command with what you want in an image, Bard will find in paid or free databases what most closely resembles your command.

So What Do I Do If I Need a Complete Solution?

Get to know Tess AI, the AI platform from Pareto!

Within Tess AI, you can build both texts and images and videos you need. You can also work with images and do editing using the best AI tools. Tess is a complete solution that encompasses the latest innovations in technology.

Check out below a mosaic of different images generated in a matter of seconds through simple commands by Tess AI.

Bard: mosaic of different images generated by Tess AI


In this article, you have gained a comprehensive understanding of Bard and its functionalities, especially beneficial for beginners. Although we have discussed various possibilities, we encourage you to explore further through testing with prompts on the platform.

However, if you are looking for a complete solution to enhance content production in your business, we invite you to discover all the capabilities offered by Tess AI. Try it for free and expand the boundaries of your creativity and efficiency!

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